TV-journal note about the evolution of the project

This note was made by the journalist from Channel 10 of Uruguay Pablo Silvera on May the 18th int the "Italy" School of Villa Cardal.
The first segment shows the impact of the project on the school and children.

In the second segment, the story of a family that lives in a "tambo" (I don't know how it is called in english, the place where cows are bred to produce milk). A uruguayan family as many others... except that they have 3 children at the school, so they get home with 3 laptops!

In the last segment there is the interview made to Sylvia González about technical aspects. The presenter starts saying "the Internet page of the Ceibal project receives 20,000 daily visits", referring to this blog :-) Somehow exagerated...

I also recommend, for seeing practical experiences of the laptops usage in brazilian schools, take a look at the videos in this post from olpcnews.

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