Now this blog is in english

(el blog en español se muda a Recomiendo ver la bienvenida al nuevo blog)

Welcome to this non-official blog about Ceibal project, by which uruguayan government intends to give one laptop for every scholar child in our country.

This blog started in spanish in february 2007. In that moment, the only organization publicly interested in supplying equipments for the project was OLPC, with its XO computers. Since then, many things have changed. Firstly, there have appeared competitors of XO, competing for providing computers for uruguayan children. Additionaly, in last weeks it started an important international interest about the project in the international comunity, which demanded information in english. Finally, I've had the chance to get involved personally in the project, in the Follou-up & Research area.

All this made me decide to use this blog for publishing posts in english, and starting a new one:, for infrmation in spanish. In spanish, only old posts will remain here.

Everyone is invited. Not only for reading and commenting; you can contribute to this blog in several ways:

  • Translating posts from the blog in spanish, or if you are interested in translating to another languagem you can also propose it.
  • Writting posts. If you show me that you are really interested in the project and have information to contribute, you can be a part of this blog.
  • Sending interesting information about what is happening in Uruguay and other places of the word, press releases, etc.
In any case, send me a mail.

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