International praise for the Ceibal project

(Translation of/Traducción de: Elogios internacionales para el proyecto Ceibal, published on 5/05/2007. Thanks to Gustavo Fischer for the translation work)

An international meeting took place from April 23 to 27th at OLPC headquarters at MIT, which included direct and indirect participants in the project at a worldwide level. Education authorities, financers and technical staff and most of those linked to OLPC attended a series of
workshops and conferences, many of them led by Nicholas Negroponte himself, in which important points of interest were discussed.

Uruguay had its own delegation as one of the six countries that are already working with the XO laptops, together with Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan and Thailand. In that context, on a workshop on the 24th, and in front of representatives from those countries and others interested in joining the project, Negroponte stated that Uruguay is one of the countries that are best structuring the OLPC project at the moment.

At the same time, Antonio Battro, education area specialist for OLPC stated that the Ceibal project is the one that best represents the project’s 1 to 1 philosophy by considering it a nationwide project.

The project was also presented at the Vatican and Harvard, receiving praise at both institutions.

These are really outstanding news.

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