International echoes of the starting of the project

The launching of the pilot project in Cardal with OLPC laptops had international repercussion. Pictures of children, teachers and authorities appeared in pages from Uruguay, Brasil, Israel, United States, Germany, Italy, China and Japan, within others. The post "Villa Cardal, Center of worldwide attention", with its gallery of photos was linkd from more than 90 blogs worldwide an was at the top of digg for some hours, which took thousands of accesses to the blog from many places in the world.

In the map, points indicate places from where there were more than 30 accesses.

Within all notes made, I would like to emphasize the one from Vinod Sreeharsha, independent journalist who was in Uruguay those days to make a close coverage for Miami Herald. The article is very beautiful, it's good seeing with foreign eyes some of the experiences of those days.

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