It's started the bid for buying the first computers... and more

(Ver este artículo en español)

Yesterday it was published the sheet of the international bid for the purchase of the necessary equipment for Phase I of the Ceibal project. Its terms can be read in this pdf (in spanish).

Some items I hilight:
  • It's not only for buying laptops. It also asks for software, school servers, connectivity devices and a proposal for qualification, support and maintenance.
  • 3 configurations of schools (of 150, 450 and 750 students) are proposed, so that offers include laptops, servers, connectivity, etc. This is fundamental to analyze different technological options (for example connectivity with mesh network Vs. solely through Access points)
  • It looks for buying 100,000 computers, to be solicitd in different stages.
On the 27th of July the envelopes will get open…

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