To launch the year with humor… gabouy’s predictions

Originally published by Pablo Flores on Fri, Jan 18th, 2008
Translated by Paul D. Spradling

Very good forecasts for the year by gabouy. I copy below what he has to say regarding Plan Ceibal:

"The Ceibal Plan obtains national scope. Hordes of volunteers will be traveling to the interior to collaborate in one way or another. The state will realize it has 'N' unpredicted items with hidden costs, and will launch a ‘Give a Laptop’ or money or an hour of class campaign to collaborate with the plan. The first case of child pornography associated with the plan will be made public by the end of Q3, but will be buried by the national media. Cyber cafés will gain popularity in the interior, and as a consequence the ‘mate’ and ‘matera’ items will be created in Second Life. Some hacker in Paysandú will be able to boot a stripped-down version of XP, only to show it can be done. He will have driver issues."
If you would like to see all predictions, here’s the link.

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