Get the photos!

Here are the photos uploaded to Cardal's school blogs with XO laptops. In addition to the published ones, there are many pictures form "draft" posts of the blog that can be seen here.

No more words.

School's blog
Photos Show

4th form's blog


5th form's blog Photos Show
6th form's blog Photos Show

Updated: Now we also have:
1st form's blog
2nd form's blog
3rd form's blog


Tus Ideas Valen said...

It should be used FORM instead of DEGREE which only could be used in the case of universitary courses.
Ex 4th form

Pablo Flores said...

Ok, corrected.
Thank you!

hbonwit said...

Has anyone talked to the kind folks over at Google to notify them that we can post video, but not post still images from our OLPC XO machines? (Has to do with how the image upload launches a pop-up: a big XO no-no, while the video upload doesn't.)

Seems like there should be some kind of workaround.

Even a simple image upload, without options of size & location would be excellent. (By the way, we don't have those on the video upload, and it works fine with the txt alignment tools.)

I saw you guys in Uruguay have a pretty fast connection, do the kids know they can post videos?

Best of luck!

hbonwit said...

FYI, put up a forum post about this if you're interested in any progress, it might develop there: