New Content - Kid Power!

(Translated by Alec McLure from "Nuevos contenidos: ¡los niños al poder!")

In the last few weeks I've been visiting Villa Cardal on a regular basis to provide support to school teachers (see pictures of a recent visit, here are some others taken by Fernando Cormenzana). The goal is to help them do new tasks with the laptops - tasks that sometimes require either some technical knowledge or English-language skills. English is still the main language both on the internet and on XO (just look at eToys).

Last week we worked with 4th and 5th graders to upload photos to a blog. You can see the first attempts at Note that this is a first, experimental attempt. There was no time for any graphic design or to pick favorite pictures - some of the entries haven't even been reviewed yet by the teachers ( e.g., an entry that a student uploaded from home.). Anyhow, although there's not much to be seen yet, it gives us a glimpse of the potential of child-developed content.

This adds on to our other initiatives (such as email) that have slowly been growing in the student population- among other experiences, it has allowed them to contact Brazilian children who are having similar experiences.

In a world where Spanish-language content is increasingly consumed although not much produced (for example, Spanish is in ninth place in Wikipedia's article count) it's a good sign to have this new generation of content creators. All that's missing is to have teachers join in in the revolution.

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